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Jacque A.

They were really helpful, I had tons of questions ranging from topics dealing with photo, to visa, to notary, they answered them all.

Ryan S.

Great Customer service! I'm in Dongguan right now and have had no issues on my travel visa. Absolutely beautiful here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! First time out of the US and it's amazing!

Patrick L.

Great service from the owner for getting our visas to China- painless and easy transaction. They are the cheapest place in town to get your visas for China!

Louie M. ,

I got my Chinese visa in 3 days and they were faster and cheaper than anyone else in Las Vegas, thanks guys!

Bin L.

I was sincerely amazed by Ben's consistent patience and wide range knowledge about my concerns.  Zheng travel is indeed an outstanding company by putting customers first. 

Elena G.

As a permanent resident of United States I applied for Chinese Visa in February 2019. Specialists of Zheng Travel took a good care of my visa. I really recommend Zheng Travel if you need a Chinese visa.


Quick, easy, and painless! I am traveling to China and Zheng Travel was nothing short of great, fast, and friendly. Would recommend! 

Uqur A.

Mr. Ben Zheng is very professional, honest and experienced travel agent. His team will work hard to find you the best deals. Very experienced on tours and Asian countrys visas. Highly recommended.

Chris M.

Excellent service, very fast and professional. I highly recommend them for Visa services.

Mathew M. , 01/11/2020

When it comes to getting your Visa to China, you can't go wrong utilizing their services.

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